Arm Lift/Brachioplasty

Arm Lift procedures, called brachioplasty, are performed to eliminate the excess fat and skin that sometimes occurs under the arms as a result of normal aging or following weight loss.  While you may lose additional weight through a brachioplasty, this procedure is not meant as a weight-loss tool, but as post-weight-loss sculpting under the upper arm.

It’s unfortunate that the skin will often hang under the arms, particularly after a patient loses a great deal of weight and has worked diligently to do so. The only way to remove this excess skin is through surgery.

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Good Candidates

Brachioplasty can be performed on any healthy adult. Your surgeon will discuss the risks and benefits of brachioplasty surgery at your consultation to confirm that this is the best course of action for your particular needs.

How a Brachioplasty is Performed

Brachioplasties are performed under general anesthesia in our Boca Raton accredited in-office surgery suite on an outpatient basis. It is often performed along with other body contouring procedures, such as a body lift, thigh lift, or abdominoplasty (sometimes called a tummy tuck). During the procedure, an incision is placed under the arm, beginning at the armpit and extending to the elbow. Excess skin and superficial fat is removed and the incision is closed as invisibly as is possible. The procedure takes about 1-2 hours, depending upon the amount of fat and excess skin to be excised.

What to Expect During Recovery

Following brachioplasty, you will experience some soreness and bruising in the incision sites which can be relieved with pain medication and ice packs. Most patients are back to full activity within a week. When you leave our office after the procedure, your follow-up appointment will be set and you’ll visit us within a few days to check on your progress. Patients should avoid strenuous physical activity for about a month after their procedure and avoid any contact sports or other activities that might cause trauma to the area. You will find that the scar will always be somewhat visible but will fade over time to a fine line.