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More plastic surgery statistics: the ASPS releases theirs today.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, which polls over 6,000 member plastic surgeons but extrapolates to include 24,000 physicians “most likely to perform cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures, resulting in the most accurate census available“, released their annual statistics today for the year of 2008.

You can find them here.

They paint a much sunnier picture for minimally invasive procedures, which went up 5% compared to 2007. The trend of laser skin resurfacing continues, going up 15%, while Botox boasts an 8% gain next to a 5% gain from soft-tissue fillers.

In this, traditional procedures went down only 9%, with liposuction seeing a big 20% drop. We continue to assert that many of these procedures have shifted over to general practitioners and OBGYNs, to the detriment of patients everywhere.

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