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Fat grafting is a wonderful procedure to improve the volume of the cheeks.

I would like plastic surgery on my cheeks. They’ve gotten very thin. I’m interested in fat transfer for this. Where do you get the fat from on the body? How much do you remove, and is it treated first before being put in my cheeks? Is it injected into the cheeks?

Fat grafting is a wonderful procedure to improve the volume of the cheeks. It is something we regularly do in our practice. The fat is obtained from areas of the body that have more fat, typically the abdomen, flanks, or the thighs. It’s usually treated with centrifugation but may be treated with Cytori Puregraft obtained through the body-jet which produces a very wonderful fat. There are more advanced techniques which totally dissolve the fat and use the regenerative cells in the fat to be injected back into the face. This is a much newer technique and it is just becoming popular at this time. The fat is then injected back into the cheeks through a small blunt cannula.

Posted By Dr. Pozner
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