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I am only 18 but I have gynecomastia.

I am only 18 but I have gynecomastia. I thought only older men get this, if I had surgery to remove this fatty tissue, is there a possibility of that returning as I get older?

It’s not unusual for younger people, especially the teenagers, to get gynecomastia. This is generally from an overdose or high production of testosterone that spills over into estrogen, so absolutely it is possible that younger people get this. Surgery to remove this includes liposuction. I tend to use a laser device to remove this tissue, and actually I’ve had excellent results with the Zeltiq Cryolipolysis for this. In our practice, we test everybody with gynecomastia for testosterone and estrogen levels because it?s our finding that if you don’t correct the estrogen problem with the administration of an estrogen blocker for patients with high estrogen levels, it will return.

Posted By Dr. Pozner
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