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Study Continue’s Reloxin’s Path to FDA Approval: How is it Different from Botox?

A study released on Monday afternoon regarding Reloxin is making headlines. Many may wonder why, since it has been discussed in the U.S. media for at least a year and has been used even longer than that in Europe as Dysport.If you want to check out the study yourself, click here for a PDF .Dr. Goldberg says: “This Reloxin study is important because it represents the first published US study involving an alternative to Botox?. It should be noted that although this is the first published US study on Reloxin, this wrinkle softening agent is not new. Reloxin, called Dysport in Europe, is a very popular alternative to Botox? over there. It has been shown to be both safe and effective. This first US study will be far from the last. We and others are currently involved in several other Reloxin trials. Many of these trials involve evaluating injections of Reloxin every few months and over the course of several years. Reloxin will be the first US competitor to Botox?. It will not be the last. We and others are studying even more alternatives such as Mentor’s Purtox and Merz’s Xeomin. The future is exciting for non-invasive cosmetic treatments.” Disclaimer: we know the authors of this study very well and I am on the Reloxin advisory board. American consumers are interested in the bottom line of this product. Other research seems to say that it has a faster onset than Botox?, and a softer look. It is a good option for using on patients with resistance to Botox?. But generally, Reloxin will be very similar to Botox? and patients should not have any different expectations. Link: Medicis’ Reloxin May Vie with Botox in U.S. to Clear Wrinkles [Bloomberg News] Dr. Jason Pozner Sanctuary Medical Aesthetic Center Dr. David J. Goldberg Sanctuary Medical Aesthetic Center Skin Laser Surgery Specialists of NY/NJ
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