Laser Liposuction

Laser-Assisted Lipoplasty (Laser Liposuction, LAL, Prolipo or SmartLipo)

In this technology a laser fiber is used to melt the fat with a very tiny fiber. The liquefied fat is usually then suctioned with a small cannula although sometimes suction is not needed for very small areas. Lasers for liposuction are made by a number of different companies and at Sanctuary Plastic Surgery we generally use the Sciton ProLipo device as we were involved with its development and testing. Laser liposuction is generally used under local anesthesia and performed on small areas like the neck. Sometimes we combine laser liposuction with other types of liposuction like VASER for larger areas and laser for final sculpting. We have used the laser for abdominal etching to create 6-packs in fit men and women. We also use the laser for corrections of small areas and for scarring that may have been created with other techniques. The laser is especially useful for cases like a “Tara Reid” abdomen where too much may have been removed from some areas and not enough in others.

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