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Digital imaging used for nose jobs can be done for facelifts too

I’ve heard of digital imaging used for nose jobs, but is that something that can be done for facelifts too so you can get idea of what might be possible through facelift surgery? If it is, how involved is the actual digital imaging process? Is it a two clicks here and a two clicks there and you have your image or is it more involved than that?

The type of digital imaging use depends on what is available in the doctors? offices. We utilize the latest in imaging technology, the Vectra system by Canfield, which is a 3D imaging system. It is truly a one-click process to get the image and after a few minutes of processing time, it is very easy to show a patient what they’ll look like in a two- or three- dimensional view. It is wonderful for facelift imaging, nasal imaging, chin imaging, and breast imaging.

Posted By Dr. Pozner
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