Ptosis or Droopy Breasts

Breast ptosis implies that they are droopy and this is graded for scientific purposes by plastic surgeons by the postion of the nipple in regards to the inframammary fold. This is explained and surgical options outlined in the section on mastopexy/breast lift.

This section is designed to explain how we correct breast ptosis/droopiness after breast implants. Breast ptosis following implants may be caused by a number of factors:

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High riding breast implant

This gives the appearance of ptosis as the implant is not in the proper position. This may be due to capsular contracture, incomplete muscle release or just an implant with a soft capsule that just healed high. Treatment involves release of the area that was stuck either through full or partial capsulectomy or muscle division.

True breast ptosis

This may be due to a situation in which…

A) A woman has had breast implants for some time and her breast has just aged and become ptotic over time – a natural occurrence that would have happened with or without breast implants. This is treated just as we would for breast ptosis without implants – with a breast lift or mastopexy. Surgical times vary with the degree of difficulty and whether the implants need to be exchanged or not.

B) The wrong operation was done the first time – ie – implants were placed by themselves instead of a lift plus implants being performed. Sometimes these may actually look good when the initial swelling is present but look bad after the swelling has gone down. Treatment is as above – a mastopexy.

Commonly there is a mixed scenario

Capsular contracture, over the muscle implants and ptosis. This is a little more complicated as sometimes in performing a capsulectomy to treat the capsular contracture the tisuues are too thing to do a mastopexy at the same time. In this case we will do the capsulectomy and exchange first then do the lift in a few months.

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