Breast Implant Infection or Exposure

Infection is rare following breast augmentation but may occur with wound breakdown, infection elsewhere in the body, trauma, and may even be seen with insect bites on the breast. Curiously, we once saw a breast implant infection from an insect bite on a woman’s arm (likely from a brown recluse spider bite). Antibiotics may correct a minor infection, though the implant will need to be removed and replaced at a later date in the case of a severe infection. The problem with even minor breast infections is that capsular contracture usually forms following an infection, making it important to catch the infection early and treat it with antibiotics.

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If an implant exposure is found, the safest course is to remove the implant and let the tissues heal, then replace the implants. We generally wait at least three months after infection or exposure to replace implants. Replacement surgery often entails capsulectomy and if the skin is very thin, reinforcement with Strattice.

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