Accredited Surgical Facilities in Boca Raton, Florida

Our accredited surgical facilities are located in Boca Raton, Florida and easily reached through 3 major airports (Miami International 45 minutes, Fort Lauderdale International 25 minutes, Palm Beach International 25 minutes, or corporate arrivals at Boca Raton Airport). Boca Raton is known for it’s affluent social community and is frequented by international travelers for it’s pristine beaches and luxury resorts. The world class shopping, fine restaurants, and beautiful surroundings are sure to make your stay enjoyable.

Sanctuary Plastic Surgery

Steps to Scheduling Your Procedure for Out-of-State or International Patients


Decide if You Are a Candidate. >

First, we must decide if you are a candidate for the procedure. This can be done in person, via email, over the phone with digital pictures, or through a virtual consultation. 


Complete Pre-Procedure Testing & Arrange Travel. >

Once it is established that you are a candidate for surgery, you are required to complete certain tests depending on the type of surgery you are receiving, age and health issues. This can include, bloodwork, mammogram, EKG, stress tests, etc. If you are an international patient, these tests must be completed by a physician in the United States otherwise, all other patients can have these tests completed in their hometown. Once your procedure is booked, you can use our list of preferred hotels to book your stay in the surrounding areas. A variety of accommodations are available for any type of budget - from luxury five star resorts to moderate hotels. Any patient undergoing anesthesia (general or IV sedation) must have a responsible adult to stay and care for you after surgery. If you are traveling alone, we can assist you with arranging a nurse who will care for you following your surgical procedure. Additional fees may apply.


Book Your Pre-Operative Appointment. >

We will schedule a phone appointment with one of our nurses to review pre and post operative instructions, surgical consents,  prescriptions, and answer any questions you may have regarding your surgical procedure. One day prior to surgery, you will meet with a nurse in our facility to sign consent forms and review your surgical plan.


Consultation with the Anesthesiologist. >

Our full-time Anesthesiologist, Dr. Kushner, will call you the evening prior to review your medical history and discuss anesthesia options.


Post Operative Appointments. >

Since each case is individual, your length of stay will be determined by your plastic surgeon.  We prefer that you stay close to the office, as you will need to be see your plastic surgeon several times following surgery.

Set up Your Consultation

Sanctuary Plastic Surgery can see anyone, anywhere through a virtual consultation. All your questions, answered before you book that flight. Contact us today! 

Sanctuary Plastic Surgery
Sanctuary Plastic Surgery

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