How Sanctuary Can Help You with Breast Implant Complications If you are suffering from an implant rupture, leak, or other issues from a previous surgery, our trained staff and team of board-certified surgeons can assist you.

Countless women fall victim to bad breast augmentations or “boob jobs,” as well as the common breast implant complications. Fortunately, our team is highly experienced in breast revisions and breast implant repair and is able to correct previous mistakes from past surgeries.

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What Are the Most Common Complications?

The most common complications with breast implants include:

  • Capsular contracture: It is normal for the body to develop scar tissue around the implant, and this scar tissue holds the implant in place. In some women, the scar tissue overdevelops or contracts around the implant, causing it to feel hard or look misshapen. This problem can be resolved with a surgical procedure called a capsulectomy. Every case is unique, and the surgical approach taken by the team of professionals will reflect your unique condition.  
  • Implant malposition: In some cases, one implant is higher or lower than the other, creating an uneven look to your figure. This is typically the result of the surgical pocket being created incorrectly in the initial breast augmentation, trauma, or capsular contracture. The problem must be corrected surgically, which may involve placing an “internal bra” of surgical mesh, closing off a portion of the surgical pocket to create symmetry.
  • Hematoma: Some women may experience an unusual amount of clotted blood that collects within the breast tissue, or a hematoma. Most hematomas will heal over time, and treatment may include applying ice and keeping the breast tissues elevated while awake and during sleep hours. In some cases, the hematoma must be surgically removed.
  • Rippling: Rippling most often occurs in women who have had implants placed beneath the natural breast tissue (subglandular) rather than beneath the muscles. Rippling occurs most often in women with very little natural breast tissue, as the implant is now closer to the surface. 
  • Teardrop-shaped implants out of position: Some women have had “gummy bear” or “form-stable” implants, a teardrop-shaped option that mimics natural breasts. Unfortunately, these implants can shift out of place, with the upper, thinner portion now on the side or bottom, which must be surgically corrected and secured, so they no longer move out of place.
  • Fluid buildup: Some women experience a buildup of fluid soon after augmentation or even years later. It can appear as a swollen lump and can be an environment prone to developing an infection. In many cases, the seroma will diminish with time as your body absorbs the fluid. In some cases, it must be surgically drained. 
  • Hardened breasts: In most cases, hardened breasts indicate capsular contracture the scar tissue around the implant has hardened, squeezing the implant. The implant itself is still soft, but the scar tissue causes the hardening. It is often necessary to release the contracture so the breast is once again soft.
  • Implant rupture: While modern breast implants are exceptionally durable, in some cases, a rupture will occur. It may occur with time in older implants or earlier due to a manufacturing error or surgical error. In these cases, the implant must be removed and replaced. 
  • Bottoming Out: Bottoming out describes a situation in which an implant drops lower than the desired position due to the stretching of the skin.

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Why Choose Sanctuary Plastic Surgery to Treat a Complication?

As this will be your second surgery, you want it to be performed by a leader who uses the most advanced surgical techniques, so the problem is fully resolved. Our team of medical professionals have earned a reputation for excellence and for providing an elevated experience at every phase of the journey to better health and beautiful breasts.

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