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Questions and Answers about Breast Augmentation

Below are some common questions and answers about breast implants surgery.  This is just one of the many surgical procedures we offer at Sanctuary Plastic Surgery.

Q: How Soon Can I Have Breast Augmentation Revision after having my original surgery?

A: Although it does depend on the previous procedure, for a size change, you may be able to have a revision after only a few weeks. For more complicated or complex procedures the usual amount of time in between the original surgery and a revision would be 6 months.

Q: I feel that my breasts have been too big; can I get smaller implants without getting a Lift?

A: This is dependent on the size of your breasts and the skin?s quality. If the change in implant size is drastically decreased and your skin has lost too much laxity, a breast lift may be necessary to achieve optimal results.

Q: Is Revision Breast Augmentation Easier to Recover from Than Initial breast augmentation?

A: This is usually true, but it largely depends on what needs to be done to revise your original breast augmentation. For more information, please call 1-800-651-1897 or contact us here.
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