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Life & Style


Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jason Pozner performed a breast enhancement procedure on BRAVO’s “New Jersey Housewives” star Dina Manzo. In and interview with Life & Style, Dina explains why she chose to downsize.

Allure Magazine


The space-age laser and light machines that dermatologists use to obliterate wrinkles, acne, and unwanted hair have been shrunken and simplified- and they’re coming to a bathroom near you. See Article

European Aesthetic Guide


Ultrasound Technology Transforms Skin Tightening. The development of a “non-invasive scalpel” might be considered the most revolutionary aesthetic medical achievement of the new century. See Article

Advance for Healthy Aging


A new look at Lasers and Acne. Adult-onset Acne Treatment has gone high-tech, as light and Laser sources provide alternatives to drugs with dangerous side effects. Read More

Vogue Magazine


In the past, laser resurfacing has been epically harsh or barely noticeable. Catherine Piercy reports on the breakthrough that’s finally getting it right. I’s a bright winter morning when I arrive at dermatologist… Read more

The Parkerlander

parklander-june-2010-coverLike Father, Like Son Father-son physicians work side by side at Sanctuary Plastic Surgery Center. Dr. Kurt Wagner, Boca Raton board-certified plastic surgeon, speaks with New You magazine on fame, fortune, celebrity clientele, and cosmetic surgery – then vs now.

New Beauty

The beauty of comprehensive care motivated by a desire to remain on the leading edge, Dr. Pozner partners with a talented team that is dedicated to well-being, beauty and anti-aging. Such a synergistic “stay young” strategy enables patients to comprehensively addres their aesthetic concerns.

Life & Style

New Jersey Housewife Dina has a breast reduction surgery performed by Dr. Pozner.

The Aesthetic Guide


Body Tite Envolves RF Energy for Impressive Body Contouring Results. By Bob Kronemyer, Associate Editor. "With the increasing amount of body countouring systems on the market - all promising the best results - choosing a device..." See Article

Vogue Magazine


Will body perfection one day be possible? From skin-Tightening laser to fat-dissolving ultrasound, Catherine Piercy discovers a new world way beyond lipo. Photographed by Steven Klein. When I arrive at nancy Trent's airy SoHo loft one moining at 9:00, She is fresh from an hour-log...


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