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Sanctuary Plastic Surgery’s Dr. Pozner Receives Top Doctor Status on RealSelf!

Congratulations to Sanctuary Plastic Surgery’s very own Dr. Jason Pozner on achieving Top Doctor status with RealSelf! Not only does Dr. Pozner help our many patients here in the South Florida area, but he has been lending his years of expert knowledge to people all over the country. Over the last several years, Dr. Pozner’s solid advice has benefited many people who are looking for answers to their plastic surgery questions and concerns.

Familiarize Yourself with RealSelf

If you’re not familiar with yet, you should be. It’s the ultimate one-stop website for those interested in learning more about plastic surgery and other cosmetic treatments. You can peruse countless before and after photos, explore different procedures and techniques and ask questions about them, find a qualified doctor near you, as well as read helpful reviews from people who have already undergone just about any cosmetic treatment imaginable.

What It Take to Get to the Top

According to their website, Top Doctor status on RealSelf is bestowed only to a select group of doctors. These are doctors who have shown an ongoing commitment to answering patient questions. They also have an above average overall rating on patient reviews. This truly is a great honor since the RealSelf Top Doctor badge is awarded to less than 10% of the RealSelf doctor community!

What Makes Dr. Pozner Stand Out?

Our team at Sanctuary Plastic Surgery is lucky enough to work with Dr. Pozner everyday—and we certainly aren’t surprised to see him reach this milestone. Over his 22 years in practice as a board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Pozner has gained immense expertise in weight loss and nutrition, plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancement, laser rejuvenation, dermatology, and age management, just to name a few. He has performed thousands of surgical and non-invasive procedures in that time, helping so many of our Boca Raton patients reach their plastic surgery goals. Dr. Pozner uses all of that experience and knowledge to provide useful information and unique insights to the online community.

The Reviews Are In

If you want to be a Top Doctor, you have to have the patient reviews to support you—and Dr. Pozner’s reviews definitely speak for themselves! With praise like “I’ve been to the ‘Best’ Miami and Beverly Hills have to offer and they’ve got nothing on Dr. Pozner” and “Dr. Pozner is truly a rockstar” it’s no wonder he has risen to the top.

What Does this Honor Mean for You?

Achieving Top Doctor status on RealSelf shows just how committed Dr. Pozner is to helping not only his clients in the Boca Raton area, but people everywhere. It shows that his wisdom and expertise continue to guide those who are navigating the world of plastic surgery, both here and abroad. And, it means you can have the utmost confidence in Dr. Pozner and our team at Sanctuary Plastic Surgery.
Let Dr. Pozner show you what everyone on RealSelf has been talking about by scheduling your consultation at Sanctuary Plastic Surgery today!

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