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Transplanting hair can be performed in a very precise manner thanks to SmartGraft®, which provides extremely natural looking results. Men and women in need of SmartGraft® turn to Sanctuary Plastic Surgery, serving patients in Boca Raton, Florida and the surrounding communities.

What is a SmartGraft®?

SmartGraft® is a revolutionary procedure that allows hair to be transplanted very quickly, shortening the recovery time and providing results much faster. A special SmartGraft® device is used to remove hair grafts from a donor area, which is usually in the back of the head. Very tiny pinpricks will then be placed in the desired area, allowing for the harvested grafts to be transplanted. With SmartGraft®, your Sanctuary Plastic Surgery professional has greater control over the location, thickness, and angle of the transplanted hair and can, therefore, provide you with more precise results.

The Best Candidates for SmartGraft®

While many hair restoration procedures are designed primarily for men, SmartGraft® is one that both men and women will find equally effective. It is ideal for anyone with a sufficient amount of hair in the donor area who would rather avoid the unsightly scars that often accompany more invasive procedures.

Planning Your SmartGraft® Surgery

Since SmartGraft® requires very little downtime, you should only need to take a day or two off from work. Many of our patients schedule SmartGraft® procedures on Friday, taking the rest of the weekend to recover.

Preparing for Your SmartGraft® Surgery

A SmartGraft® procedure requires very little preparation since only a topical anesthetic is used. As such, there is no need to avoid certain medications as is often the case with other hair transplant procedures. You will, however, receive detailed instructions on washing and caring for your hair before your appointment and you should adhere to them carefully to ensure the best possible results.

Types of Anesthesia

A SmartGraft® procedure requires only a topical anesthetic to numb the area being worked on. This anesthetic is normally applied in stages. First, your Sanctuary Plastic Surgery professional will apply a numbing agent to the area where he plans to harvest hair from. Just before transplanting this hair to its new location, we will then apply topical anesthetic to that area. If you are nervous about your procedure, please let one of our staff members know before it begins. We can provide you with a light sedative to help alleviate your anxiety, making it easy for you to relax comfortably while it is ongoing.

The SmartGraft® Procedure

The first step in the SmartGraft® procedure is to shave the hair in the donor area to make it easier to harvest. This will be done as discreetly as possible so that others will not notice you have had your head shaved. During your consultation we will discuss which areas of your head will be shaved and may also suggest certain hairstyles that might be ideal to wear while the hair grows out.

After applying the topical anesthetic, we will go to work using the SmartGraft® device to remove grafts. This device contains a high resolution camera that ensures he is able to do so with incredible accuracy. Once hair grafts are removed, they are automatically enclosed in the SmartGraft® system, where they are sorted and then preserved until needed again. When it is time to transplant these grafts, they can be gathered into single, double or triple units to make placement extremely quick and efficient.

After Your SmartGraft® Surgery

You may need someone to drive you home from your appointment if you are given a sedative. You should avoid getting your hair wet for up to 72 hours, so you should plan accordingly by having a waterproof head covering available whenever you are outdoors. After that time, you may comfortably perform your regular activities, including swimming.

Getting Back to Normal Following SmartGraft® Surgery

You will gradually notice an improvement in your hair for several weeks afterwards, with the final results being seen within a few months. During this “growing in” phase, many men have regular haircuts so as to provide as seamless an appearance as possible. Women who have undergone SmartGraft® may wish to experiment with different hairstyles to find one that will complement their new hair growth.


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