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Three Ways to Avoid “Fake” Looking Breasts

Natural Breast Surgery

1. One way to avoid a “fake” look with breast augmentation is to place the implant beneath the pectoralis major (chest) muscle.  In this position, there is an extra layer of tissue between the implant and your skin so the effect of the implant is blunted making the edges softer and the shape more natural. This is more important in women with small breasts who have little native breast tissue.

2. Another possible way to avoid an obvious breast augmentation appearance is to choose a silicone gel implant. Although a lovely natural augmentation can be achieved with a saline implant, these implants tend to be a little harder due to the fact that the surgeon is required to “overfill” the implant to avoid rupture and movement of the fluid within the implant.  A softer, silicone implant tends to feel and look a little more natural.

3. Perhaps the most important approach to prevent a “fake” augmented look to the breasts is to work with your surgeon to choose the right implant size and shape to fit your body.  There are a wide range of implant choices available to accommodate the variety of body types out there.  If you have a small frame and small breast, a large implant will be more difficult to conceal and is more likely to look fake.  The larger implants are also wider and when placed on a smaller frame the new breast is wider than the chest—a stigma of breast augmentation unwanted by some patients that desire a natural augmentation.

Have a little extra fat that you would like to rid yourself of?

Have a little extra fat that you would like to rid yourself of? Of course—many of us do!  Let’s just imagine that you have it taken out, but then what?  What is the fate of your extricated fat?  Historically, it was disposed of; never to be seen again. And we cheer, “Goodbye unwanted fat!!!!”  But is it really unwanted?  Maybe. . . at least from where it was taken.  However, have you also noticed your face isn’t as full as it was when you were a younger version of yourself?  Breasts not as full as you prefer?  Eyes looking a little tired and hollow?  Well, perhaps that fat we removed could be used to fill in a deflated area somewhere else on your body.  If these thoughts have ever crossed your mind, then the good news is—it can!


Life & Style


Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jason Pozner performed a breast enhancement procedure on BRAVO’s “New Jersey Housewives” star Dina Manzo. In and interview with Life & Style, Dina explains why she chose to downsize. Read more »

Are Silicone Breast Implants Safe?

silicon breast  implantsI Thought Silicone Breast Implants Were in Danger of Leaking, So Why Are They Still Used?

The older generation of silicone gel implants certainly did have gel leakage when rupture occurred. Typically the gel would mostly stay within the implant pocket which is the normal sac-like scar that forms around any implant.  It did occasionally leak even beyond the capsule however.

The newer generation of silicone gel in breast implants is firmer and more thick such that even if shell rupture does occur, the gel stays put inside.  A good way to explain it is that the breast implant is like a jello mold—when you cut jello it keeps it shape and doesn’t leak all.

Additionally, despite the FDA moratorium on use of silicone gel breast implants from 1992 – 2006 their safety has been proven in clinical studies. There is no known association between silicone breast implant use and health issues such as connective tissue disorders, breast cancer, and reproductive problems.  These implants (as well as all other implants) are always in the process of study, tracking, and evaluation by the FDA and plastic surgeons to ensure their continued safe and appropriate use.

5 Things to Expect After Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Tips

1. Discomfort – Most patients complain of discomfort for 1 week after surgery, however the range of time that patients experience discomfort varies. Some describe very little pain, some more.  If we recommend placement of an implant beneath the chest muscle, your discomfort may last longer—10-14 days in some patients.  This discomfort is usually well managed with oral pain medications, numbing medicine administered during surgery, and occasionally medications to relax the chest muscles.

2. Swelling – Anytime we perform surgery, the body’s normal response is to swell and the breasts are no exception. This will make the breasts look larger and more firm than they will look at the final result after swelling has resolved. It may take a month or more for the swelling to completely resolve.

3. Minimal Scarring – We always attempt to minimize the size and appearance of scars. The beauty of having your surgery done by a trained plastic surgeon is that we specialize in scars!  Additionally, every patient that has surgery at Sanctuary Plastic Surgery is placed on a post-surgery scar program. This typically includes scar massage, avoidance of sun exposure, and laser scar treatment.

4. Temporary Limitations – In the early post-operative period, you will be asked to limit any heavy physical activity such as running, weight lifting, etc. These activities may cause problems with healing and can also create more discomfort.  The time frame for this depends on the surgery performed but is typically several weeks. You will be instructed on how to gradually introduce these physical activities back into your normal routine.  We also require that patients refrain from driving while on pain medication (safety first!).  You will be placed into a special supportive surgical bra and will be instructed to wear a bra with no underwire for a period of time.

5. Massage Duties – We want to make sure that your new breasts continue to look great!  One way we do this is by placing you on an implant massage protocol in the post-operative period, typically starting at one to two weeks after surgery.  This encourages the implant to stay soft and to keep the implant pocket (scar sac that forms normally around implants) healthy and open.  We may also have you lay on your stomach and chest to put some pressure on the implant and their pocket for the same reason. Some patients may also be sent for special massage with ultrasound in our spa if needed.

I wanted to thank you

testimonial-03Hello Dr. Pozner

I wanted to thank you for doing an awesome job on my breast implants. I didn’t realize they where so bad before seeing you. “What a Big Difference” my husband loves them too. Your staff was amazing as well from the beginning making me feel at ease throughout the entire process.

Thank you again! I will definitely give you plenty of referrals. – S

Thank you – WOW are you “patient” with your patients

Dr. Wagner, THANK YOU – WOW are you “PATIENT” with your patients. I can only imagine if every patient was as emotional as I was then you would need your own hiding place. The firs surgery you and I had little interaction. This one however, you have truly pulled me through the last few weeks. Without you helping me, talking to me, healing me, and just being compassionate during my pain and being uncomfortable I’d be lost. Anyone can say you’re going to be fine, but it takes a true Dr, as yourself to see past that – you saw how much I was hurting internally and externally and you made me better. I went from waiting to cut the arms off at my shoulders to a whole new person in an amazing state of relief. I was at the office every day for two weeks after I had already had my initial series of post op appointments and every time you had a way of just making me feel better. I took a while, and back and forth to Boca was definitely draining – but like overnight I went from HELP ME to HELPED. YOU are the BEST!!! Dr Pozner only allows for top notch individuals to work with – I know that and I see that in you. Of course by 6 degrees of separation your brother and my father were HS classmates but aside from that – you still made me feel like I was in good hands. You treated me daily as if I were your own daughter or family member. You took away my pain – temporarily at first until now, it’s finally almost all healed. Each day I think how I struggled – crying like I was a kid – but somehow you knew that didn’t matter – all that mattered was that you were there to help make me feel better. I am a whimp when it comes to needles, pain and of course almost all thing medical, so I wanted to thank you for always telling me if it would or wouldn’t hurt and asking if you did hurt me. And last but note least – a hug can often be better than any medicine in a bottle J THANK YOU again!!!!

The results

The results, a little over 1 month post op – are OUTSTANDING!!! My arms are each all one circular body part no more bat wings – I CAN WEAR SHORT SLEEVES!!!!!!! My healing process – a little slower this time – age I’m sure had a play in this as well as my immune system being its moody self post bypass patient. As you knew – I’ve got a ZERO threshold for pain. SOME HOW . SOME WAY. although I cried a lot was in a lot of pain and wanted to just throw in the towel – you made me feel better. You assured me when things didn’t seem right to me that they were and if it was something that wasn’t right the first thing you did was tell me to come see you. You were ALWAYS on top of it – never let me wait – self induced panic – unfixable by you – that you can’t help – I do it to myself I know – but you certainly found ways to reassure me, I’d be just fine!!. I THANK YOU for making my process complete. Although I believe you have fixed all my parts and I’m running out of things to fix – I’d still come to you hands down no question and no doubt – b/c you ARE and will forever be – MY FAVORITE!!! I love how you treat me like family and speak to me as if I were – never making me feel like a stranger always like someone you’ve know your whole life.

You still rock

Dr. Pozner YOU STILL ROCK – it began with a consultation with you on April 4, 2008. Once again you knew what would make me “look better”. I have so much trust and confidence in you and your work I can’t imagine anyone or anywhere else for this type of delicate work. Anytime I needed you – after hours – I called the service and you NEVER made me wait for a call back you connected on the spot. Any questions or concerns – you eased my mind – b/c you and I both know I worry!! Your attention to detail and the caring for the patient is so important and you have that mastered – you go and went above and beyond for me and did what you knew would make me happy!!
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