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Dr. Wagner, THANK YOU – WOW are you “PATIENT” with your patients. I can only imagine if every patient was as emotional as I was then you would need your own hiding place. The firs surgery you and I had little interaction. This one however, you have truly pulled me through the last few weeks. Without you helping me, talking to me, healing me, and just being compassionate during my pain and being uncomfortable I’d be lost. Anyone can say you’re going to be fine, but it takes a true Dr, as yourself to see past that – you saw how much I was hurting internally and externally and you made me better. I went from waiting to cut the arms off at my shoulders to a whole new person in an amazing state of relief. I was at the office every day for two weeks after I had already had my initial series of post op appointments and every time you had a way of just making me feel better. I took a while, and back and forth to Boca was definitely draining – but like overnight I went from HELP ME to HELPED. YOU are the BEST!!! Dr Pozner only allows for top notch individuals to work with – I know that and I see that in you. Of course by 6 degrees of separation your brother and my father were HS classmates but aside from that – you still made me feel like I was in good hands. You treated me daily as if I were your own daughter or family member. You took away my pain – temporarily at first until now, it’s finally almost all healed. Each day I think how I struggled – crying like I was a kid – but somehow you knew that didn’t matter – all that mattered was that you were there to help make me feel better. I am a whimp when it comes to needles, pain and of course almost all thing medical, so I wanted to thank you for always telling me if it would or wouldn’t hurt and asking if you did hurt me. And last but note least – a hug can often be better than any medicine in a bottle J THANK YOU again!!!!

Thank you – WOW are you “patient” with your patients

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