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On December 18, 2008 I had finally came back to Dr. Pozner to have lipo in my thighs and the excess skin removed from my arms (aka batwings) that was a result of my Gastric Bypass Wight Loss surgery (2002). Although I had the best results from my first endeavor with Dr. Pozner back in 2005 for my tummy tuck and breast implants I still wasn’t quite ready for the scars on my arms. Well, each month post op I continued my checkups and came to see Dr. Pozner and each time it would cross my mind and his, but I just wasn’t ready. Every time I’d go to buy something all, that was out there were short sleeves, sleeveless or capped sleeves and I felt like a fat person trapped in a thin persons body – I couldn’t wear anything but three quarter length or long sleeve shirts to hide my wings. I was so frustrated and it bugged my day after day. Then one day in March, 2008 a girlfriend of mine that I work with, who also had Gastric Bypass mentioned to me the improvement of methods for removing the wings – well the way she suggested could be done, but after consulting with Dr. P. – the route we took was slightly different – I had it all cut and removed instead of a pull through the underarm since the way she mentioned wouldn’t have been the result I was expecting or wanted.

I sent this original letter back in 2005 within three weeks of my recovery since I was so happy and recovered so easily. The slight delay in this letter is due to the slower recovery I endeavored as a result of my own immune system working slower to heal than 5 years ago. In no way was it a result of lack of care or treatment – b/c I’ll tell you – the team was ON TOP OF IT – and I’ll detail more below.

But I wanted to take the time to again send my thanks and without further ado, here goes.

OMG. (OH MY GOD) – Part II

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